Brand Guidelines

This simple kit is for using the CHIP logo that follows our brand guidelines.

Download kit

ZIP file contain PNG and SVG files


The CHIP logo consist of a "Symbol" and "Wordmark". The Symbol is inspired by the shape of chip on credit card.

This is our primary logo. Note the "Symbol" and "Wordmark" are horizontally locked.

When the primary logo doesn't fit in tight space, use the "Symbol" logo instead.


Our logo should always have enough breathing space around it when placing beside another logo or text.

We call the space around our logo the red zone. Do not put anything in it.


On light background, use our full-colour primary logo. Purple hex code: #5147DD
Dark purple hex code: #140F37

On darker background, use our full-colour primary logo with white (#FFFFFF) "CHIP" wordmark.

Our CHIP purple is our identity, when working on dark background in tight space, use our purple coloured "Symbol".

Printing only one colour? Use our black logo.

On vibrant coloured background, use our white logo.

On coloured background that clashed with our purple colour, use our white logo.

Logo don'ts

Do not stack the "Symbol" and "Wordmark".

Do not change the CHIP purple colour.

Do not change the shape of "Symbol"

Do not swap position of the "Symbol" and "Wordmark".

We know the "Symbol" looks like a chip, but do not replace it with an actual chip. 😬

Kindly refrain from using grayscale version of the logo.

We love gradients but do not use other than CHIP purple as the background of our logo.

Do not use gradient on the "Wordmark".

Do not add special effect such as drop shadow and outline on our logo.